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Professional Rhythmic Gymnastics Academy
led by an absolute world champion Maria Stolbova

London | Surrey | Hampton | Richmond

Rhythmic Gymnastics is a female sport, which represents a unique mixture of dance, art and music. Rhythmic routines usually consist of elements from classical ballet, modern dance, basic acrobatic movements, performed while the gymnast is skillfully handling one of the five rhythmic apparatus – rope, hoop, ball, clubs or ribbon.

Rhythmic gymnasts learn how to express themselves to the public through elegant and graceful movements, while showing advanced apparatus work. The virtuosity, flexibility and agility of the gymnast at intermediate and advanced level are truly impressive and always awe the viewer. The routines can be performed individually or as a group of five.

1 or 2 hour class
Classes for beginners or for those gymnasts who are seeking a more advanced level of training and want to excel in this sport.

Squad class
Gymnasts attending these classes are preparing for competitions and have to enrol for a minimum of 3 sessions per week. Competition squad has Maria Stolbova as a coach.
Adult class
These classes are for those who want to develop flexibility and lean muscles. Or just to have fun.


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